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“Plumbing is in my blood.”

Bellows Plumbing Owners
Ask Professional Plumber and HVAC Comfort Specialist, Greg Bellows & Jason Schlunt, When You Have a Plumbing, Heating, or Cooling Questions

Greg Bellows / Co-Founder

As a child, I spent my time watching my father while he worked, and learning the plumbing trade. In 1984, I started my first plumbing company which focused on new construction and tenant improvement. Through the years, I have expanded my company to focus on service and residential plumbing as well. In the 35 years that I’ve been a professional plumber, I’ve seen it all, and nothing can surprise me anymore in the plumbing world. Today, I continue to learn new techniques and methods to continue to service homeowners and business with superior plumbing. – Greg Bellows / Co-Founder

“Committed to Home Comfort & Health.”

Jason Schlunt / Co-Founder

In 2004, I joined up with Greg and dove into the plumbing and HVAC trade. In my 14 years of business, I’ve helped thousands of clients create more efficient, comfortable, and clean homes through the addition of heating and cooling equipment. You name it: furnaces, boilers, ductless, air conditioners, ducts, filters, and thermostat controls, I’m versed in it all, and love explaining the features and benefits of each system and how it will or will not work with your home and or business. Please send me your questions. I look forward to helping you pick the perfect system.

Over a Decade of HVAC Experience

In 2004, I started getting involved in the HVAC industry as well, and have gained extensive HVAC training over the past 14 years. From boilers to ductless systems, I have worked with every type of heating and A/C unit on the market. – Jason Schlunt / Co founder

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