I Want to Remodel My Kitchen—Where Do I Start?

So, you’ve decided to remodel your kitchen—congratulations! Making the decision is the first step to creating your dream culinary space. However, once you’re ready for a consultation, there are a series of steps to take to get your project off the ground.

Don’t worry about every little detail—Meridian Construction is here to help. Bring us all your brightest ideas for your kitchen and we will turn them into reality with our proven design-build process.

Here are some steps to take for your kitchen remodel that we have compiled from our years of experience remodeling kitchens throughout Lansdale and the surrounding area.

Ask Yourself What’s Missing

If you decide to remodel your kitchen, chances are, there are at least a few elements you feel it’s missing. Take note of these and bring them to us, your design-build specialist. Do you want more counter space? A pantry? Maybe you need a custom drawer set-up for your kids. Whatever it is, bring it to us and we will make it happen. We want your kitchen to be both functional and well-suited to your personal style.

Look for Inspiration

Even if you already have a few ideas for your kitchen model, you might not know exactly what you want. So, take a look around for inspiration! Stock up on remodeling magazines and look through Houzz to find styles, designs, and features you might like to include in your remodel. The more examples you bring us, the better we will be able to capture your vision, so don’t be afraid to have a laundry list of ideas!

Consultation and Design

Once you have a clear sense of what you want out of your kitchen remodel, you are ready for the initial consultation. In this meeting, the focus is solely on you and what you want. We will take careful notes and survey your current space to see what might require updating. If you want to redesign your kitchen’s layout or install new elements, we will also take measurements.

After the consultation, your initial design will be drawn up. We will present this to you so you can ask any questions and provide thorough feedback. Our ultimate goal is your total satisfaction, so honesty is the best policy here! After you’ve reviewed the initial design, your team will head back to the drawing board to finalize plans according to your feedback. Once the final plans are approved, construction will begin!

Schedule Your Lansdale Kitchen Remodel Today

If you’re ready to get started on your kitchen remodel in Lansdale or the surrounding area, contact the professionals at Meridian Construction today. We have decades of experience bringing dream kitchens to life for homeowners throughout the area, so we are well-prepared for whatever bright ideas you may have.

Contact Meridian online or call 215-720-1863 to schedule your kitchen remodel consultation today!

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