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Skills Assessment

Here you can take online exams which evaluate your skills using hundreds of different assessments. Test your knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, Customer Service Skills, and much, much more! Scores can be sent along with your resume to potential employers. It is a way to prove to them that you have the skills needed to succeed.

Resume Review

Writing a resume can be difficult and overwhelming at times. How do you sum up your entire professional history in one or two pages? We are here to help you. Browse through our tips and suggestions so that you can submit the best resume possible to employers.

Cover Letter Samples

A Cover Letter is an important tool for introducing yourself to an employer. It allows you to make a proper introduction, explain how you found out about this position, and why you want it…and also allows you to showcase your personality. We have listed several important tips to keep in mind when writing your Cover Letter, as well as included some samples to help you get ideas.

Interview Tips

The interview can be very intimidating. But there are many ways to prepare yourself beforehand so that you can put your best foot forward. Our recruiters have many suggestions for candidates who are preparing to interview, check it out!

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