Contract to Hire Staffing Services in DC, MD & VA

When you need to hire new talent for your team, it’s vital to screen and interview candidates thoroughly to ensure you select the best people for your company. You also shouldn’t commit to a permanent hiring situation if you’re not ready.

To mitigate these concerns, many companies choose the option of contract to hire. This is one of our staffing options here at MJ Morgan Group. We make it easy to expand your team—not just with more people, but with the right people.

If you think contract to hire is the right staffing solution for your DC, Maryland, or Virginia business, please contact us to learn more.

What Is Contract to Hire Staffing?

At MJ Morgan Group, we make it our business to help your business grow and thrive. One way we do this is by offering contract to hire staffing services. This is an effective way to test out candidates before committing to new, full-time employees. You can delay investing in salary, benefits, and training until you’re sure the workers are making a viable contribution to your company. Then, if you determine it’s a good match, you can transition contracted workers into full-time employees.

Benefits of Contract to Hire

This solution offers some notable advantages over other staffing methods:

  • Test the waters: The trial period during a contract to hire situation is the perfect time to make sure a candidate has all the right skills. If not, you can release them at the end of the trial period without incurring unemployment costs.
  • Remain competitive: It’s more budget-friendly to keep a contractor on a staffing agency’s payroll until you’re confident it’s the right fit.
  • Enjoy flexibility for changing workloads: In a world of uncertainty, contract to hire gives you the chance to test the viability of a new position without promising permanent employment up front.
  • Encourage the best performance: Contractors want to impress you during the temporary phase so you’ll hire them full time, ensuring you get the best performance out of them.

How Does Contract to Hire Work?

If you’re interested in this staffing solution from MJ Morgan Group, we’ll make sure the process goes smoothly. Here’s how it works:

  • Our recruiters find and pre-screen applicants based on the qualifications and requirements you establish for your contract to hire positions.
  • We submit qualified candidates to you for your approval.
  • You interview these top-tier individuals with whatever method you choose, such as in person, as a group, or over the phone.
  • Once hired, your contracted workers perform their duties for your company while remaining employed by MJ Morgan Group.
  • If you choose to hire any employees full time once the trial period ends, we transfer them to your company’s payroll.

Why Choose MJ Morgan Group

Our seasoned recruiters have more than 30 years of combined experience, making us more than qualified to help you find, screen, and hire new staff. We understand the complexities of the business world and are well versed in the needs of many industries. Let us help you save time and money with guaranteed hires for your business.

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MJ Morgan Group delivers exemplary service designed to relieve the stress of searching for candidates and paying to onboard new employees. Besides our contact to hire staffing services, we also offer direct hire staffing, temporary employment, and payroll services. If you’re interested in growing your business while staying focused on the day-to-day operations of your company, our services can benefit you.

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