Direct Hire Staffing Services in Washington, DC, Maryland & Virginia

When you decide to bring on a new employee, you aren’t just looking for another name to add to your payroll—you’re looking for a colleague, a team member, somebody who melds with the other members of your team. On top of that, a new hire must have the proper prerequisites under their belt. As you can imagine, finding the right fit isn’t always easy.

At MJ Morgan Group, we take the time to learn your company’s values, goals, work environment, and more. We also become well acquainted with our candidates. We know their background, why they left their last job, and what they’re looking for in a new job. This way, we only recommend direct hires who will truly add value to your company.

If you think direct hire staffing is the right option for your DC, Maryland, or Virginia business, please contact us to learn more.

What Is Direct Hire Staffing?

If you have a long-term position opening up at your company, direct hire is the ideal staffing option. This is a permanent position, usually full-time with benefits. You can gain access to a large pool of qualified candidates by working with a staffing agency, but once you hire an employee, they go directly onto your payroll.

Benefits of Direct Hire

This staffing solution could be right for your company if you’re hoping to do the following:

  • Attract the best talent: Many candidates are less comfortable accepting temporary contract work. By offering benefits and the security of a long-term position upfront, you increase the likelihood of adding the very best employees to your team.
  • Garner loyalty: Temporary contractors often go into a job with a paycheck as their only motivator. On the other hand, direct hire employees tend to develop an allegiance to the company, which can result in better performance.
  • Add team members affordably: While you are responsible for offering benefits to direct hires, this type of placement doesn’t cost any more than filling a temporary or contract to hire position.

How Does Direct Hire Work?

When you choose MJ Morgan Group for direct hire staffing in the DC area, we’ll make sure the process goes smoothly. Here’s how it works:

  • Our recruiters draw from a large pool of candidates to help you fill your direct hire position. We pre-screen and interview applicants to ensure they meet your requirements.
  • We submit only the most qualified candidates for your approval. You may interview these individuals using whatever method you prefer, such as in person, as a group, or over the phone.
  • Once hired, the new employee goes directly onto your company’s payroll. You also become responsible for providing health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and other benefits.

Why Choose MJ Morgan Group

Staffing agencies are often praised for their flexible temporary and contract to hire options. Even if you know you want to fill a permanent position, it still takes time to post job descriptions, review resumes, and interview candidates. Hand these time-consuming tasks over to the seasoned recruiters at MJ Morgan Group to free up your time so you can focus on running your business as you anticipate new growth.

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A new hire is an investment in your company’s most important asset—your people! The recruiting services from MJ Morgan Group relieve the stress of searching for candidates who will contribute to the success of your business.

In addition to direct hire, we also offer contract to hire, temporary employment, and payroll services. If any of these solutions interest you, please contact MJ Morgan Group to learn more.